Friday, April 25, 2014

ThNR Report

David, James, Shaun, Franklin, Paul, Evan, Albert, Curt, Gavin, and I splashed around town until we were sufficiently soaked and full of grit.  We retired to the clubhouse to find Duke and Tom.  Minutes include: Paul is certain he hates it when people are so sure of themselves, Duke is looking for a new clubhouse but using split 2x6’s might not be the answer, the exciting and daunting task of designing a new ABES jersey continues, the awkward/amusing moments of student/teacher encounters at the clubhouse continued last night, stories of Jerrballs urinating on pillows and crapping in other peoples underwear, Gavin Whoreshau was reminded of his jersey colours, Cuyuna attendance is currently at 34, painting your car (GO BOMBERS), Tom won a "mystery box" at a social = fifty pounds of potatoes, accidentally falling naked on a cucumber and other emergency room tales, does Dan have french fries for the ABES?, the killer finish in Huy, Sweet Cheryl Koop got a new mountain bike and now has the two nicest bikes at our house, and Albert shared his bulk beef bits.  Good times.  JS

Alberts Frankenbike complete with a fender made of meat.

I'll need to hose down my bike before the Saturday morning breakfast ride.

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