Monday, April 16, 2012

Alpha Dog

DSwat organized a deluxe poker tournement last weekend where 26 locals vied to take home the pot.  Chaz and I were the first two ABES eliminated - embarassing ourselves with a Shiesse-like finish.  Duke and David fared better finishing 15th and 17th respectively.  The big winner of the night was part time communist (unless he wins) and full time ABES stud, Shaun.  Shaun dog won $440.00 by combining skills, luck, bark and bite to take home the glory. 
Attaboy Shaun

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    And with $2 beer we were all winners.

    Though combining skills, bark and bite is a bit generous. Even now, I can't say with absolute certainty that a 3 of a kind is better than two pairs. If the other guy didn't take the chips, I just assumed I'd won. Turns out hours of practice, research and money gets the keeners jack squat in the end. Ha!