Friday, April 13, 2012

ThNR Report

Curt, Albert, Shaun, Schiesse, Gavin, Jeff, Mike, Bruce, Dan, Ike, Evan, newbie Bruno and I (who am I missing?) met for our weekly bike jamboree.  Shaun was horny about life with his new fixed gear bike, Ike upgraded to a familiar Norco, Bruce rode a fixie from the bike shop, and Bruno is as keen as a teen for his new cross bike - he was less keen about getting two flats on the ride - an ugly initiation.  Mike had technical troubles with broken chain he suffered while  climbing the hill – fortunately he avoided any damage to the nuts on his bike.  Schiesse has now matched his ride total from last year with 4 consecutive rides – keep it up cowboy.  The ride itself had a good pace and had us going to the usual corners of town.  David missed the ride due to an unscheduled nap but joined us at the clubhouse, as did Paul W.  Minutes include: 50th anniversaries are ruling Dan’s life, Shaun celebrated Yuri’s Night (the Russian, not Japanese version) with appropriate garb and drink, an arm wrestling match at the next table inspired ABES bar fight stories, Pole Vaulter’s NHL pool will make the lucky winner giddy with cash, Dan forgot about his dietary constraints and needed to flush out his system with medicine from the clubhouse, David said he’d organize an Ally-Cat, the karma shit sandwich, voluntary tourettes, SWiebo’s neighbourhood rave party with strobe lights, Steve upgraded his old Harley to a new Harley, and our May 16 ThNR could feature Rocktona lover and trials pro, Ryan Leech.  Good times.  JS

Ike's bike
Bruce's latest creation
Shaun's bike fleet grows

Parental consent not acquired at press time

Mike snaps his chain from the force of his tree trunk legs
Prepping for Ally-Cat

Shaun-dog cheers Yurri with a glass of vodka and dons his USSR Space jersey