Saturday, August 8, 2009


Thursday August 6th was a beautiful evening for a bike race! A whole pile of people showed up at Bruce and Elexis Penner's farm SW of Altona (or NW of Gretna) to have some good food, race some bikes and most importantly raise some cash for the MS Society Bikeathon.

Bruce (with the help of ABES race coordinator Johnny S.) laid out an ultra-sweet course. Taped-out lanes over their expansive front and back yards, ditch crossings, gravel, double track dirt, single track shelter belt, CXish barriers and more! Very nice.

The 8 and under category race a shorter modified version of the full course and had a blast. Kids love cheering!

From the desk of race organizer Bruce Penner...

Here is the skinny...

The kids raced around the yard and the fever hits as soon as "30 seconds to start" is announced. The taped lines all over the yard led to nobody getting lost. No bad crashes, lots of smiles.

The main course was 3.4 kms of grass, grass, rutty grass and some dirt. And we ate it up! Oh yeah, the best part was 300 meters of single track that Johnny picked out inside a really tight shelter belt.
It was great to have some dads on the course whose last race was part of Participaction Day in Grade 6. Way to go brother Steve. You're a winner in our hearts!

Food was awesome! (Thanks, Elexis and Mom D.) With the 60ish people that were here yesterday, 21 raced!

We want to thank you on behalf of the MS Society. We raised just over $800!!

Kids 8 and under

Austin K. 2:01
Cassidy P. 2:30
Kemper H. 2:35
Beau P. 2:53
Jacob S. 4:52 (way to go! That was really character building)

Kids 9-13 - 1 lap

Sam B. 11:10
Rory P. 11:37
Maddison H. 14:57
Chris P 15:35
Avery B. 16:05

Adults - 3 laps

Curt F. 26:55
Bruce P. 27:19
Chuck K. 28:10
Jeremy F. 29:59
Brent H. 31:27
Tanner H. 33:54
James D 34:32
Dave S. 34:32
Curt T. 35:59
Dana B. 36:02
Steve P. 13:10 (1 Lap race!)

Check out the pics from a fantastic evening! And thanks again to
Bruce and Elexis for organizing! (maybe ABES can have
another race at your place soon?)

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