Monday, August 10, 2009

thursday night ride

a relaxing little ride around town this thursday pm. 9 pm-ish. the usual place (johnny's). he mentioned he'd leave his door open so we could go in pre-ride and drink all his beer. come thirsty my friends!


  1. I've been off the grid this holiday but now find myself in Fernie and connected. I was devastated to find out that the lifts on the hill don't run all week. Thats right, every day we're here the lifts are closed - F! I am an idiot! Plan B will be to rent a bike and find some cross country trails to explore on Wednesday. F! I am bitter but vow to make it back to Fernie with a vengeance!
    The Cou was great. Lots of bike lanes/trails and riders in the city. It made me happy to hear so many "on your left's".
    Looks like I missed a winner race at the Penner home. Swatter crotch picture - nice. Sorry I couldn't be there! Great job Bruce.
    Keep your grubby hands off my hooch,

  2. Whistler was never really an option. They also have the crankworx festival going on so it will be a zoo. JS