Monday, June 11, 2012

Rumour Du Jour

Bruce is organizing grass track bicyle races for the Gretna Hot Spot Festival.

The races will be on Saturday, July 21 and take place sometime between the tractor races and Cornie the Elvis impersonator.  Cool.  Local cycling enthusiast and public works supervisor SWiebo has agreed to help prepare a track in Altona for the ABES crew where we can practice, ride and race.  The track will be half the distance of the WC Miller running track (200m V 400m).  Grass track racing formats are varied from sprints to endurance, solo to team events.   

Grass Track Czar Ian Hall has agreed to come to Rocktona this Thursday to organize 
our races and make it as legit as we get.  

Ian "powered by perogies" Hall 

How sweet is that?!  See you Thursday.


  1. Grass track racing is more funner than a puppet show.

  2. Fellow Abes,
    The grass track area I chose is a little rougher than i'd like but it's in a spot where we can rip it up as much we want if the ground is wet. The first mowing has been done and a second will be done tomorrow to get rid of the hay. There are one or two major dips/bumps that I'll try to fill tomorrow before running the packer over the whole works. Where is it you ask? ... behind the MEC around one of the old school buildings. The inside edge of the track measures about 660' which is a hair over 200m. I have some flags to stick in the ground to mark edges before the race. Again, it's a little rough but I hope to improve it with the packer. a 200 m track is bigger than I thought and, outside of the school grounds, I don't know where we could fit something like this with out arranging official permission. I hope it will work.

  3. Thats's great Steven! Setting up the course is HUGE.
    I love that you are The Man. J

  4. Yeah. Thanks Steve! Guys. Once we get a feel for the track tomorrow I'll be asking for some commitment for the Hot Spot Festival. Check your calendars.