Friday, June 8, 2012

ThNR Report

DB and I rode the flowy trails at Lake Minnewasta.  They're so fun and I'm out of shape.  Curt, Evan and Jared were there too but we only met at the end of the ride - sorry dudes.  Former Rocktona resident Craig Doell was also ripping up the trail in his lovely leisure suit.  Most of the other ABES had weak excuses and settled for the same old, same old with a ride around town.  James, Paul B, Paul W, Steven, Dan, Shaun, Steve, David, Duke, Tom, DB, and I met at the clubhouse where the minutes include: Tom brought two bags of delicious homemade samplings of beef jerky which inspired an upcoming Jerk-Off with Pole Vaulter to see who has the best meat, Schiesse is a Bomber hater, the doctor who retired to become a farmer, they don’t make anymore land, DB loves to listen to DB, teachers that are snappy, stale popcorn, Tom bought a hazmat suit from the MCC, saying the word bedbugs makes Paul B itch, why can’t cheap hotels be clean?, why can’t that moose jump over the bison?, Duke’s Pizza, Chicken, Burgers and More, and Steven’s gift to Tom – kicking Davids butt July 2013 - declairing “I will rewrite The Tortoise and the Hare”, Duke is on the undercard – “I will fight anyone named Paul” and David bites a mouthful of sack.  Good times.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Ride.  I'm camping this weekend but Dan is going to ride the Rosetown loop and have breakfast at Oakview.  If you want to ride you'll figure it out.


  1. Meet at my place at 8:00. We'll have a near beer breakfast teaser and then head out.

  2. I waited 'til 8:10 then left by myself as the weather was closing in. Shaun caught up in the Suburban about 3 miles out and joined me. We got to the large culverts on the 306 when lightning struck the ground near Rosetown. Not wanting to see if 23mm of rubber is enough to stave off a strike from the sky, we turned back and almost beat the rain. We were wet when we got home but indoors before the storm hit. Still went to Oakview for a bite and watched the show from the clubhouse. All in all not a bad morning.