Friday, June 29, 2012

ThNR Report

Our second attempt at grass track racing was good fun.  Bruce and Steven were the quickest of the quick and the addition of the Italian pusuit and Snowball team events was a blast.  Grass track racing has a way of blowing your lungs, legs and heart apart, yet we were all smiling when it was over – maybe because it was over.  The grass track racing event at the Gspot festival takes place on July 21 and is open to anyone who can make it – even members of other bike clubs that are goddess, breakfast cereal and micro brewery related – if they gots the plums (and it is plum season so that shouldn't be a problem).

Bruce is working with the MCA on bringing the provincial time trails to our neck of the woods and Steven and Gavin are preparing for an August Barn Cross event at the Wiebe farm that may include a pond crossing feature.  There was also boisterous talk of the ABES Jerk-Off that is scheduled to take place in 2 weeks.  The format has yet to be determided but a group is preparing to supply homemade jerky and the rest of us will be in a race or just eat jerky.  Either way, we’ll all continue to make innapropriate comments.

10 of us will be enjoying the Road Trip 2012 for 5 days of road riding in Banff/Jasper national park and 1 day of mountain biking at Kicking Horse.  Soo good.  We'll try to keep you posted.

This club just keeps on getting better and better.  Good times indeed.  JS

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