Friday, June 22, 2012

ThNR Report

Duke, David, Tom, James, Dan, Steven, Chaz, Paul W, Shaun, and newbie Franklin arrived to see the new ABES bibs rock our fashion scene – if you order one, come and get’m out of my kitchen.  When we left we set a new record for fastest group split with an official time of 2 seconds into the ride – sad/impressive.  We sputtered around town, harassed Gavin as he worked on his trailer, and were happy that the rain/hail didn’t return.  The two groups finally found each other and decided to retired to the clubhouse.  We were joined by Ike, Giles and Cousin Thomas.  Minutes included: Our Compliments chips = cubic zirconia jewlery, Bombers talk was reving up, Road trip 2012 – 9 days and counting, Grumpy’s tempted us with an ABES Steak Night, Tom was sexually harassed with jerky, somebody broke into my house and fixed my toilet, Chaz got bunged up on his family mountain bike ride, Birthday boy Shaun did not make it easy for us to buy him drinks?, David is assembling an ABES tractor-pull team for the sunflower festival, Thomas has 11 wedding to attend this summer, Schiesse was missing in action – again, the new fitness trend: backwards running, Shaun shared his digital breakfast smoke (Eggo with syrup), memories of WC Miller soccer legends Alex and Tang were shared, and DSwank bought camouflage ballet tights.  Good times. 
Chaz, Franklin and the b-boy

Sleepy Floyd

Wrestling/Cycling attire

Prepping for David "turtle" Sawatzky

I’m camping this weekend so I’m out for the SMBR.  If you want a ride to happen, post it up.  The Family Bike Club will meet Sunday at 6:30.

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