Monday, August 26, 2013

Moose Lake ride 2013

It has almost become tradition.  We can't remember how many years its been; maybe 6?  This time we started with 9 riders at 6:00 for coffee at the bike shop. Sandra showed up to get a group shot; Thanks Sandra!  Left at 6:15.  Since the 201 was freshly tarred and pebbled to Letell-yeaa (is that the correct way to say it Lisa?), we chose to go around on hwy 421, and up hwy 75.

Mike, Curt, Albert, Charles, Dwight, Lisa, Cindy, Shaun and myself made up the group.  Temperature was a mild 20, and a breeze from the south.  The wind maintained throughout, but the temperature climbed relentlessly to a vicious 34 by midday!

Once we hit Letellier, curt and Albert headed home. Albert didn't want to tire his legs for a race on Sunday.

Highlights.  Lunch in Vita.  The Bente's served us excellent German fair of dumpling and schnitzel with heaps of home-fries.
Here Dwight and Mike left us to spend time with family.
With 80 Kms under our belt we moved on.  The 5 of us, Shaun, Chaz, Lisa, Cindy and me.  Staying hydrated, we also made sure that Elexis drop off water in Sundown for a refill.  Dot's (store in Sundown was closed) yard was the drop-off and just as we showed up a yokel almost drove off with our precious liquid!  He already had them in the back of his truck as we drove up!  But his excuse was plausible, so we didn't have to get rough...yeah, cyclist in spandex, really threatening in back-country of Sundown...
Lisa could be called "the new Mike".  She fearlessly took on any wind and rode in the front tirelessly... (That would have slowed her down...we could have removed her tires!)
As we got to the intersection of 201 and hwy 12, now at km 120, with hot heat of the day, we found an well and a pump.  We each took turns dousing each other.  What ecstasy...with almost life-saving rejuvenation!  My head was cookin'!  Note to self, next time a water soaked hat...all the way.
Second lunch was at south Junction.  Shaun was riding on empty, so to combat this he had, in this order, cake, pie-ice cream, burger, fries, and a milk shake " filled to the balls"!
Thunder could be heard in the distance with 45 Kms to go. 
Sprague passed in a blur as we turned the corner and got our last stretch with-wind.  35 Kms to go.  Somewhat downhill, we maintained a 30 km/hour pace.  Felt good after 170 behind us!
Rain began with the last 10 Kms and Elexis came to check up on us with the threat of a thunderstorm in the distance.
AND THERE IT IS.  THE MOOSE LAKE SIGN!  It was all down hill from there, we coasted into the lake for a bath, drifted to the deck for a beer and waited to get hungry for steak...

Charles is the king of pictures.  I'm hoping that we get some posted shortly. 

We averaged 25 km/hour, and just over 12 hours on the road.

Until next year.  Bruce.


(Photos courtesy of Charles K.)


  1. Thanks again Bruce and Elexis! I had a blast. I will definitely do it again.
    Great pictures Charles! You had that camera everywhere!

  2. Well done team - especially the newbies. Thanks for the report and pics. I loved seeing Shaun get bug-eyed about his food. I hope Cheryl and I can join you next year. JS