Friday, August 23, 2013

ThNR Report

Steven, Gavin, James, Curt, Chris, Paul, Chaz, Dan, the Giesbrecht brothers and I rode the sweet trails near lake Minnewasta.  We saw some familiar faces from the Country Cycle posse (Peter and Jason) and also met up with former Rocktonians/honorary ABES - Greg “all-star” Loeppky and Craig “hakkalugi” Doell.  The group splintered quickly with DB breaking his chain minutes into the ride.  It was patched together but his troubles moved to his rear derailleur which eventually resulted in a single speed spin back to the vehicles.  Dan made like a prodigal son – lost but found.  The trails were in great condition even if some of us weren’t.  It was a fantastic evening on the trails. 

We returned to the clubhouse where we met David, Duke, Albert, Tom, Shaun, and Bruce who spent most of their time visiting with Slovakians Martin and Barbora, a couple who are on an epic cycle trip - you can find their blog here. 

Photo courtesy of Bruce
Minutes are sketchy but include: this years Moose Lake Ride includes newbies Cindy and Lisa (right arm!), Albert is going to medal in the provincial road race this weekend - obvs, grading/grating country roads, Holy Pembina Gravel Grinder was pretty/hard, arm wrestling is not my forte, foggin eh, bike blog fail – the peddle-files, we met an air-guitar/party dude, James has enjoyed the view from the peak of the Bunge plant (pictures to come?), Dan forgo his chicken wings but they were still enjoyed (thanks Albert), jealousy was ragging on the Cycle Chick, and we’re all looking forward to the Back 40 Bunny Dodger (MS fundraiser event) next week at the Penner plantation.  Good times.  JS

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