Sunday, August 18, 2013

Upcoming ABES (Penner) Events

This Moose Lake Ride is this weekend.

Bruce, Alexis and co. are inviting you to their cabin for a steak supper, but the best part is that you get to bike there with a bunch of cool people.  It's a 185'ish Km route that includes breakfast in Vita and an afternoon pie (or burgers) break.  Get out there boys and girls!  Let Bruce or Alexis know if you can make it.  2012 Moose Lake Report here.

The good times don't stop there.  The Penners keep the good times rolling with another event.  Check out their Facebook invitation from Alexis...

Hello Friends,

It is time for our annual (except for last year, because we were lazy butts) Fun-racing Fundraiser to End MS.

This year we are entered as Team Back Alley Cycle – our team consisting of Bruce, Elexis, Scott and Wendy. Together, we will be participating in the MS Society’s MS Bike Tour -- Riding Mountain Challenge in September. This is a 70km bike ride from Dauphin to Clear Lake, and back again the next day. Sounds like fun? It mostly is! 

We have planned a BBQ and Cyclocross race on our (Bruce & Elexis) yard on Thursday, August 29th.

Come out and ride the lovely and scenic “Back 40 Bunny Dodger”, or if you don’t prefer yourself in spandex (although it is quite comfy and liberating), come enjoy the BBQ and cheer on the riders as they compete for glory and prizes (mostly glory).

The eats will start @ 5:30.

The kids race will start @ 6:30, with the adults to follow.

Please note, that unlike previous years, supper will also be served during and after racing, for those who prefer non-nausea while riding.

If you can’t make it to the BBQ, please consider donating, either through any member of our team, or online (Google MS Riding Mountain Challenge). Click on “Find a cyclist or team” on the home page.

“Be part of a future without MS.”

Team Back Alley Cycle

This is always a good time and EVERYBODY should attend this ThNR.  JS

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