Saturday, January 30, 2010

Upcoming awesomeness...

ABES, with our FGBC brethren will once again host a redonkulously good time right here in our quaint hamlet. This year Southern Cross will be coupled up for a Saturday/Sunday Cross series that will be the highlight of the season. Back to back races for an overall weekend warrior champion. More details to come as soon as we figure them out.

The upcoming Manitoba Cyclocross schedule has been released...

Sept 12 MBCX #1 Belgian Supercross Olympia

Sept 19 MBCX #2 Wildwood Woodcock

Sept 25 MBCX #3 CMU FGBC

Oct 3 MBCX #4 Omand Creek Training Co-Op

Oct 16 MBCX #5 St. Malo, MB Olympia

Oct 17 MBCX #6 Altona, MB FGBC

Oct 24 MBCX #7 Whittier Park FOG

Oct 30 MBCX #8 TBA Red River Racing

Nov 7 MBCX Provincials TBA Woodcock

Also, if you want to blow off the Sunflower Festival for some real fun, come out for a weekend of awesomeness...
ABES should put in a team. I guarantee a good time. I will NOT be riding for the win. I'm riding for the FUN. Let me know If you're interested in joining me. Details can be found here.

For those with aspirations that are un-ABES, check out this fine race series of biking immoderation...
The races are epic in nature, the pain is very real, and the memories will be incredible.

2010 is looking to be super sweet. JS

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