Friday, January 29, 2010

Thursday night ride reports

Gavin, David, Ben, Shaun, Curt, James, and I left ABES headquarters for a spin around town; stragglers Charles and Duke joined us mid/late ride Knockdown comps took place at the Ash st. rink, hill climbs at the park were mocked by Charles and his new studded tires, Gavin showed his rad skillz popping off the snow ramp. James proved that wearing yellow goggles at night is not a good idea; headlights look too much like parking lights. Conversation at Grumpy's included the awesome times in Barbados and the winter storm we missed here. That's the price we pay for leaving Manitoba.

The report from last weeks ride was submitted by DeShaun...
Five riders showed up in spite of ABES HQ being shut down (with the front door open). Lorne, Dan, Ben, Jeff and Shaun took to the streets on a mostly leisurely cruise around Rock-tona. Highlights included ripping through freshly laid snow, Dan's big save from a seemingly imminent wipe-out and the sheer awesomeness of riding bicycles over icy streets in -4ish temps in mid January.

The ride concluded at Ben's twin snow fortresses - which featured slides, tunnels and an excellent opportunity for snow ball fights. These are some pretty sweet forts

Apparently no post ride drinks last week? That's not right. What do people think this is - a bike club?


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