Saturday, January 2, 2010

The people have spoken!

Star Wars - The Best Alleycat of the Year!

The race featured an ewok dictionary, crokinole sharp shooting, Dans Jedi warrior outfit, I had an unfortunate flat tire, Gavin took the win (was it also the debut of his clipboard/bike attachment?), and Tom and Lorne went to the wrong checkpoint and crashed a party at the art gallery - that was awesome.

Myron knows how to make things clever, then make them funny and finish with a dash of Right-On. Well done Duker.

Dans Sign of the Times finished second and Davids oh canada! rounded out the top three alleycats of the year. Well done boys. The future of ABES looks good.

Speaking of race organizers, we need one to put together a course for nordic cross #2. A race in the next two weeks would be ideal so step up and take your turn.

Did a new years eve ride take place? Keep us in the loop.


  1. New years was great, Bruce, Mark and my self (Giles) showed up and started off the night with a little scotch. If I do say so myself, it was a smooth Islay with a hint of an oaky finish. After warming our bellies we road around town with a good push to the pond then off to the village. Every one surived with no injuries and no DUI'S.

  2. Scotch warm-up. Sounds first rate. Should definitely be done again. Would make a great race. JS