Thursday, December 31, 2009

NY Eve Eve report

Charles, Giles, James, Myron, Paul and I biked into the bitter winds, went to the nature park for rounds of knockdowns, slow races and skid contests. Giles slipped on some ice and fell hard on the road, James toppled into a snow bank after his marathon skid, Myron tested his new studded tire, beers washed down the salty popcorn, Paul doesn’t drink beer anymore and is a long-shot for anything (just the way he likes it). Conversations bounced between 3-D movies, deep fryers, posters, bike gear, jerseys, Bombers and New Years plans. No pictures were taken. Good times.

Speaking of New Years plans, Giles is determined to squeeze in one more ride in 2009. I've heard others will attend. I’m not sure of the time so unless you hear otherwise, meet at the same ABES time and place. I believe it was a New Years Eve ride that saw the emergence of the now infamous, cage match knockdown contest. I’ve never matched the success I had those first years on my cruiser bike with the sweet front basket. We’ll see if any new games emerge from this years ride.

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