Friday, December 11, 2009

Thursday night ride report

Keeping cozy and warming up (smoking) before the Thursday night ride.

Shawn, Dan, Paul, Curt T and I bundled up for a ride around town. Curt was the only rider who managed to climb the hill, we raced on the ice at the pond, rode through snow drifts, and back and forth in town before retiring to the clubhouse to talk about winter clothes, pottery sales and our winter bike festival. We were unfortunate to find Karaoke tunes blaring. Why do they crank the music so loud? I don’t get it. All I want to do is drink beer and visit and it sounds like they’re trying to start a rave. I like having music playing but the volume is ridiculous. Are they trying to attract the dance party Mennonite crowd? The bar is filled with dudes drinking beer and playing VLT’s and they crank the techno-shit to 11. Am I the only one that finds it all confusing? The music should be southern rock and led zeppelin (greatest rock band ever). My rant is over - for now.

If you want to prepare for the goodness that is the Altona Winter Bike Festival, check out this upcoming event put on by Woodcock Cycles. It takes place at the Belgian Club so the suds and the fries/mayo should be delightful.

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