Friday, December 18, 2009


The group was large, especially for a crisp December evening. Nine riders took part in a spirited ride around our fair town. Minus our fearless leader (striken by some grave illness yet looking quite fetching in his plaid pajama pants) we struck out on our familiar cruise of Altona's well maintained streets (kudos to Mr. Steven Wiebe). Charles, Dan, Steve, James, Lorne, Jeff, Shaun, Gavin and myself set a fine, even pace as we braved the cool evening temps and managed a beautiful nights ride.

Ending up at the usual finale we partook of our beverages and conversed freely on varying subjects...elementary school report cards, mortgage brokers, quinzys, Tough Duck gloves, Saskatchewan "turnovers", past races and many other stimulating topics. A good time was had by all.

Charles showing off his new Jamis Nova Pro cyclocross bike. That dude is going to be killer fast.
Dan (orange vest) spent his 21 wedding anniversary with the boys.
Lorne is as dedicated as they get.

Respectfully submitted,

El Presidente

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