Thursday, December 24, 2009

Remember that/I can hardly wait

As the inaugural year of ABES comes to a close a lot of action went down. We formed a new club (see group photo), finally settled on a name, logo*, rode and raced and collectively bought a shwack of bikes. I’d say the first year was dynamite! A brief summary of this years goodness:

7 alley cat races

MS fundraiser race

The biggest cyclocross race in Manitoba history

1 Kermesse

1 Winter bike festival

Track races

Road rides

1 nordic cross

Countless (I’m too lazy to count) group rides

New bikes purchased by: JS, Charles, Shaun, Gavin, Jeff (2), Paul D-bag, Dan, Giles, and Tom (am I forgetting anybody?).

The fun will only get more awesome in 2010 (the year is even more fun to say 20-10) with more of the same and a bunch of new bike goodness.

In the ABES fashion file: A winter bike jersey is in the works...

It's a draft of how the jersey will look. I think it looks great. It’s the same company that made my Nordic Cross jersey and I love the one I have. They’ll cost about 100 bones and are worth every penny so save your grandma’s Christmas money now. The jerseys are made from merino wool…

I’m not sure if we can meet the minimum 25 jersey requirement so please let me know if you would like to purchase this fine piece of cycling wear. It might be the nicest piece of clothing you own.

Bikes are awesome,



  1. An awesome ABES year and a sweet jersey. Mark me down for one.

  2. I will take one!


  3. Yes, Yes and Yes, I will take one of those and ABES has been a highlight of this year for me but with the birth of a child ABES will take a back seat next year. Second place is good though.

  4. Most definitely JS, I'll take one.