Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas eve eve ride report

Beautiful night for riding. The riders were Dan, Bruce, Steve and myself. We started the ride with one or two stiff eggnogs and sharing our upcoming bike shopping lists. We followed the nog with a serious noodle around town. We ran into Tom who used to ride bike before he developed scaredoftheices. Too bad. Good luck with that Tom. We also found a couple of skating rinks to practice our rockford files 180 skids. This week I was the only one to climb the hill at the nature park and Dan won the ice skid contest. This ride pushed Dan over the 7000 kilometer mark for 2009. When I said Lorne was dedicated last week I must have been talking out of my A because Dan is the man - Atta boy Dan, that's awesome! The clubhouse conversation included the wonderment and love of bikes, why bikes are so awesome and why they make the world a better place. Bruce also reported that Back Alley Cycle has sold 44 new bikes. That's great news. Good times boys.

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