Monday, August 22, 2011

Dis n Dat

Dan K reports...I was out cruising the town Sunday evening and found a Cateye Strada CC-RD100 on the ground.  It was by Wiebe's Funeral Home.  Contact Dan to claim your toy. 

How do you feel Summer's Eve fresh?  DB knows.  His report can be found here.

If someone could submit a Moose Lake Road Ride report with some pictures, that would great, m'kay?

I'm out for any Tuesday ride.  If anybody has a bright idear, post it, like a boss.


  1. I believe Myron had lost his cyclocomputer. Good catch.

    Bruce had said he'd write up a report for the ride. He's out in Minneapolis at the moment so it'll be at least 3-4 days before he can begin.

    A teaser: It was pretty fucking awesome. Record number in a record time. Then we drank some beer/scotch.

  2. Steve wants to go to the hills tuesday call him if you want to come. 324-7440