Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday Night MTB bike report

Last night saw a few of us (Johnny, Curt, Mike, Evan, Jared and I) headed out to ride the Back Forty race course.  How to describe it....the first section was fast and flowy, very fun to ride.  Then we descended.  Into hell.  Bottoming out in the valley means you have to climb out of it.  And climbing is not my forte.  Pedal, dismount, push.  repeat.  Over and over again.  All in all it was a good ride but punishing.  Johnny is seriously rethinking his attempt at the three lap version on Sunday.

Johnny at the start - notice how he's all smiles
Meeting up with James as he marks the course
"One lap or three...maybe I'll have another beer and think about it."

Checking out a seriously messed up Jamis.  Curt's on it.  Got'R Done.

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