Friday, August 19, 2011

ThNR Report

Paul, Duke, James, Steve, Phil, Derrick, Curt, Mike, Evan and I enjoyed a ride around town.  We attempted a couple of hill climbs, rode to the usual corners of town, and looked for W, Shaun and Ben.  Curt nearly missed hitting a kid on a bike, Derrick nearly missed hitting a street sign, and Steve nearly missed hitting the hood of a Honda.  We were joined at the clubdhouse by Ben, and Dswat where the minutes included: Dark Cross – an upcoming cyclocross race that is sure to be the best party√©bike race in the history of Manitoba, is now open to all non MCA racers.  This race is going to be epic – beer tent, live music, and racing at, on and around the Winnipeg Speedway at night and under the lights – the standard for wicked awesome races will soon be bumped waaay up. Clear your calendars now because you do NOT want to miss this one.  Also discussed: tandem cross, the ABES Grand Prix coming in September, the new Conan, Dark Cross (BK), the Altona Farm Service - the best store I`ve ever been in, the Cross Pact (Duke, Tom, James and Jules all took an oath to race Southern Cross this year), Tom displayed his ninja-like reflexes to save two sips of beer, hail damage dillemas, porn in the park, Dark Cross (DS), recording music on tapes, watching a movie 7 minutes at a time, The Western Hour tv show, bags of burnt Old Dutch chips, Pete`s Dragon, the Sawatzky Poker Tournament, and the new Jets logo.  The music was suddently turned up to 11 and our meeting was over.

Mike explains the new bar-tape fad

James without his reflective vest 
Welcome back to ABES Phil
Struggling up the hill?
Red sky at night - sailors take fright? 
The fashionistas MASH outfit.
Good times.

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