Friday, August 12, 2011

MS FUNdraiser

The MS fundraiser was about as perfect an event as it gets.  A good turnout to support a good cause, yummy food, perfect weather, and a fun race course that snaked around the yard, trees, road and field of the Penner place.  The lil young’ns had a push bike race while the bigger young’ns had 1, 2 or 3 lap races.  The 30 minutes plus a lap race saw Evan take the gold with a hard fought victory over a dazed and confused Charles who didn’t realize he had lost the race.  Sweet Cheryl Koop (happy 10th anniversary babe – I luvses you) took the womens title even though she had two unclipable, (hilarious) slow motion falls.  She was not the only person that fell  during the race – a handfull of riders were seen picking themselves off the ground which either shows that people are pushing themselves to go faster and ride on the edge, or are simply lacking coordination and skill – too soon to tell.  Honorable mentions go to Steve Wiebe for cycling to the event and seamlessly joining the race already in progress, Tom for loosing his pedal but still finishing the race, and David who ate a lot of food and still managed to finish the race.  A big THANK YOU to the the Penner clan and all the volunteers that helped make it happen.
Bruce reports...
What a night!  Another Thursday and I am continually amazed that the amount of fun we're having is both legal and healthy!!  And, we were able to raise $1385.00!!!

Our little farm yard hosted a good number of riders.  In total we had exactly 50 riders in the 5 classes.  The little runner bike course was about 100 metres and 3 laps was the race.  The main course was 1.4 kms of your standard fare of cyclocross.  Trees, farmland and what I would say is, a Johnny's eye to go where bikes usually don't.

Runner bikes: Lacey 1:43
William         1:49      
Kiera 1:58
Kate         2:08
Carter DNF
Jacoby DNF

Under 9, 1 lap Mia 6:55 
Lacey 9:20  
Kiera 9:29
Jacob 9:55

Under 11, 2 laps Austin 11:47
Elliot 15:07
Joelle 15:47
Saraia 18:14

Under 13, 3 laps Rory 15:27
Tyler 15:55
Austin 16:14
Kirby 17:27  (you guys, twins forever!)
Parker 17:27
Ariel 18:47
Daniel 18:55
Andrew DNF

…and for the big finale, our gut wrenching 30 minutes, plus a lap!  A little controversy at the end added a little more excitement.  Who won!?  We had 2 classes riding at the same time, 27 riders on a little 1.4 km course. Wendy, our time-keeper, was right in the end. Sorry to doubt you, Wendy!  You’d have to be there to understand what happened. Anyway, here’s the results…


Cheryl 38:17 8 laps
Jan 42:27 8 laps
Carey 38:41 7 laps
Cindy 39:29 6 laps

Evan the Man 37:40 9 laps
Charles 38:03 9 laps
Bruce 38:35 9 laps
Curt F 39:03 9 laps
Mike 39:35 9 laps
Jeff 41:24 9 laps
Jared 41:55 9 laps
Shaun 37:55 8 laps
Johnny 38:17 8 laps
Chris 38:20 8 laps
Scott 38:28 8 laps
Dave 40:04 8 laps
Ben 40:17 8 laps
Tom 40:23 8 laps
Curt T 41:21 8 laps

Thanks again from the Penner’s and Back Alley Cycle.  We’ll see you next year!
The post race meeting at the clubhouse was filled with race stories, back slapping and general post-race mirth where the minutes include: the Bombers being the Bombers, hail damage reports, salisbury steak - classy, terrifying your co-workers, loosing your teeth and working till noon, the sky screamer, Dark Cross, the Back 40 ride, holiday bliss, bike/camping trailer report, $75 campers, computer hacks/scams, and DB being a DB.  Good times.

In my haste to attend the fundraiser, I forgot my camera at home – I saw plenty of people taking pictures – could those good people help a brother out and post/send some pics?

Saturday Breakfast Ride – Gretna – meet at my place at 8:00.


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  1. I love being db! Even when I'm preparing for a wedding! I'd say I was sorry to miss it, but that'd just be more evidence of my dbeing, so I'll say, once again, thanks for callin' me out. It means in some loose way, I'm still in. I guess. I dunno. I sure would've kicked your asses if I'd 'a been there, though. Wedding anyone? Half Pints kegs (4 of 'em). We may need some help. Wedding at 7, eating at 8, band starts at 10. There will be service well into the evening, so you could come late. Or say you might, and then don't come at all. Just like me!