Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Upcoming Events

Thursday Night Ride - 8:00 - my place.

ALSO, the Altona to Moose Lake Road Ride...

Bruce reports...

Ok.  Right now, I have Charles, Ben, Curt T, Mike, Albert, Dwight Neufeld and myself for sure.  There still might be a couple more...Shaun, Paul, Evan?

Some of you have mentioned spouses are coming.  Let me know so I can make sure there's a steak for them too.

We'll leave this Saturday at 7:00 am.  This way we don't have to bring all the lighting systems for that first hour.

A goal that has been set for this ride - we will attempt to ride in one group.  Early on we'll pick a speed, say 28 and see how that works.  Those of you/us that don't feel comfortable at this pace don't have to feel pressure to lead.  We'll ride this way to, let's say, Vita and over breakfast can tweak it...or something...agreed?

Rides back.  This is one detail that I always neglect.  We're not coming home on Sunday, so I can't offer any rides.  Albert talked to having his truck available, but I guess we need a driver?  Anyone else have any ideas?

Thanks, Bruce.

I look forward to the report.  JS

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