Monday, August 22, 2011

Moose Lake Ride 2011

Bruce, as always, hosted another stellar road ride to Moose Lake.  The air was crisp and the Back Alley coffee was fresh.  The crew was made up of Bruce, Curt T, Mike, Ben, Dwight, Shaun, Steve B, Albert, Jeff, and myself.    The promise of a nice easy 28km/h group ride was quickly dashed as we eagerly took off and struggled to do anything slower than 32.  The wind and weather was perfect.  The Flat tire demons were kept at bay and we rode smooth throughout, perfecting our Tour de France group drafting.  We stopped at Vida for Breakfast and enjoyed the good eats.  Shaun sampled the schnitzel and we were welcomed with German hospitality.  We pushed on, having a Pepsi and Ravel break at Dots general store in Sundown.  Paying the price for our fast paced 1st and 2nd leg, Ben and Dwight decided to run a slightly less aggressive pace as we raced for our next stop at South Junction where we gobbled up their last remaining 4 pieces of cherry pie.  10 riders, 4 pieces of do the math.  It's a good thing that our "society" is so civilized.
We had a nice hard pull as the wind and the road and "Mike the tractor" allowed us to do a good stretch at 41 km/h.  As we got closer to Moose lake, it was every man for himself, as the group spread out.  Mike and Curt took the lead, Shaun, Jeff, Bruce and myself took the B group as Albert and Steve, and Ben and Dwight pulled the C and D.  190km with an average speed of 31km/h.  Not a bad day of riding.
Steak BBQ at the end was great, Tammy's cheesecake was superb, as was the Penner hospitality.  After a hard day, we partied late until 10:30 when we all crashed.

Thanks a lot for another great ride, Bruce!



  1. So it was you guys I saw on Saturday! Thanks for the waves and cheers. They helped with the headwind as I pedaled my touring rig from Birch Point to St Malo.

  2. Dave. Samers. We were really excited to see another goof-ball out in the wilderness. Quite a trooper you are. I'm guessing that you camped out and didn't haul all that gear for fun...

    Charles. Thanks for the great wrote....quite a club we have.


  3. steve wants to go to the hills tuesday call him if you want to come 324-7440

  4. Nice work gentlemen!

    As I drove from Altona to South Junction Sunday afternoon I wondered if I'd see any of you intrepid souls biking back home. No such luck. Thanks for the write-up!