Sunday, August 28, 2011


That's right ABES! September will mark a new era in Altona cycle racing. The newly minted ABES Grand Prix is ready to roll! September has blessed us with five glorious Thursdays for riding and we've decided to celebrate it with five glorious races. Points will be awarded for each race and after the month ends the 2011 Grand prix champion will be crowned.

Sound daunting? It won't be. Five races comprise the schedule but points will be awarded for each and only a racer's top four finishes will be counted towards their final tally. So even if you have to miss one along the way you still have a chance. Points will be awarded for each race as follows...

1st - 25
2nd - 22
3rd - 20
4th - 18
5th - 16
6th - 14
7th - 12
8th - 10
9th - 8
10th - 6
11th and below - 4points

So even if one race isn't your strong point the next one might be. the race lineup? As diverse as we are. Here' the tentative (subject to change) lineup... Sep. 1st - oval track time trials Sep. 8th - TBD Sep. 15 - The Parks and Rec-Tacular Alleycat Sep. 22 - TBD Sep. 29 - TBD

Some of the races proposed to fill out the lineup - Town time trial, Tour to Rhineland road race, Morden hill climb challenge, short race spectacular (slow race, knockdown, Mosquito Pond hill climb challenge). Any other bright ideas? We'd love to hear your suggestions and we'll definitely discuss them at this Thursday's post racing meeting.
So we'll see you this week at 8 o'clock sharp at the oval track!


  1. ABES is getting into serious business here. Looks like fun.

    I met a couple riding their bicycles through town. They're going on a circuitous route across Canada. I think they've got 150+ days under their belt so far. Their logs and pictures can be found here:

  2. Very nice David! It should be a great month of bike racing goodness. Is there an entry fee to help collect for a Grand Prix pizza party? JS

  3. where abouts is this oval track.... newbies invited ?

  4. That is awesome Shaun! They even posted a picture of you on their blog.
    The oval track is at W.C. Miller High School - South East corner of town.