Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thursday Night Report - late edition

ABES were ready for a snowy ride.  James, Ben, Charles, Ike, Shaun, Jeff, Paul W, Steven, Tom, Duke, Albert, Curt, and I enjoyed a whisper quiet ride while big, wet flakes covered our fair town.  The snow, and our knockdowns did cause issues as some were crashing in spectacular fashion, especially Curt who found his way into a drift and came away looking like the Snuggles bear.  I crashed on the road but it was my favorite kind, one where you land on your feet running.  We also seperated the men from the mice crossing several snow covered soccer fields in a slog-fest that left most ready for hydration.  It was an odd night at the clubhouse where the music level was moderate, the tunes were unusual by Grumpy’s standards and there was not a salty kernel in sight.  They were still serving refreshments so it was all good.  Minutes include:  firing roman candles from a car, David was not present – Steven assumed he was practicing his fighting skills – aka - turtling, Myron shared hitchhiking stories that included a stolen truck, hitting churches up for gas money, 324-DUKE, and thumbing it from Manitoba to California to go for a swim, Road Trip meeting, building rockets and flying helicoptors, Jared bought a new cross bike, buying dynamite from MCC, Canadian cross-country ski legends, ABES Winter Bike Festivus is on – date to be determined, Charles has thought about organizing an alleycat race (insert slow, sarcastic applause here), redneck triathlons, the old/current Bomber stadium is a health hazard, and the Jets win with the flying W!  Good times.

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