Saturday, March 17, 2012

ThNR Report

Tom, Steve, W, Albert, Chaz, Curt, Gavin, Steven, and I enjoyed an ice-free ride around Rocktona.  Tom was on his 29'er and working harder than anybody else, Paul rode his new Redline cross bike and was rolling like a pimp, and Curt finished off the ride by allowing us to try his new bike - a 48" penny farthing.  It was hard not to smile test riding it (and wish you had a bowler hat, tweed suit and waxed moustache).  We retired to the clubhouse where we were joined by Ike, Giles and Paul B.  Minutes included: John Prine writes songs like he's 200 years old, Curt suggested pioneer meat logo placement, Steve reminisced about tumblers of Moose Lake scotch, Steven shared his unpopular and reasonable views on Altona's spring cleaning, awkward conversations, David is away at a 3 day pool skimming conference, Kony V Kona, Winter Bike Festivus is cancelled due to lack of rollers and winter, Paul B is looking into living in an ice fishing shack this summer, pickled beets/kryptonite, pre-ride naps, shooting ticks with rifles, and butter churning injuries.  Good times.  JS

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