Friday, March 9, 2012

ThNR Report

Bored + new razor = beware
Cousin Thomas was joined by James, David, Ike, Curt, Duke, Mike, Shaun and myself for a little spinny spin around town.  Thomas must have been sharing his racing secrets to David and Duke as they easily topped the podium in the race to the clubhouse, beating the rest of the field by 30 minutes - impressive.  Curt was thrown off his bike twice as he tried to ride through drifts and Mike had issues with his shoelace wrapping around his pedal; otherwise a lovely ride with a fun tear down the North path.  The clubhouse minutes were minimal as we were all watching the Jets do their best to prevent riots in Vancouver.  Items I did note included: all my questions end in “errr...”, women getting gang-ogled, and saying the word cuss instead of actully cursing – cuss you!  Good times. 
The tentative date for the ABES Winter Bike Festivus is Saturday, March 31.  Details will be confirmed.  Save the date and get ready for more good times already yet one time.

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