Friday, March 23, 2012

ThNTT Report

The Spring Time Trials were held with more incidents than usual: Bruce skidded out turning in front of a car, jumped up, appreciatingly waved for not being run over, and raced away, David and Gavin both suffered flat tires, Myron finished with the exact same time as last year, Shaun impressed us all taking the bronze while wearing combat boots, army pants and riding knobby tires, good guy Tom stopped and retrieved my bike light (thanks), Dan won the single speed competition (and did not fall at any point in the race – good for you Dan), Derek forgot where to race, and Bruiser arrived lubricated and lazy and was nice enough to be the official timekeeper (thanks Steve).  This year, racers needed to finish a beer before their race time was finalized.  The finishing times were…

1 - Johnny – 31:28
2 - Bruce – 34:24
3 - Shaun – 34:42
4 - Mike – 36:00
5 - Albert – 37:02
6 - Curt – 37:41
7 - Tom – 38:33
8 - Myron – 40:40
9 - Phil – 40:46
10 - Ike – 42:54
11 - Dan – 44:39
David – DNF – flat tire
Gavin – DNF – flat tire
Derek – DNF – lost
James joined us at the clubhouse after his team won the B-side runner-up trophy for mens curling.  Minutes include: Duke sold his Devinci, Dan has biked over 1000 km’s this year, Race tips from Deanner – just give’r, Steve is selling his Harley, Bruce booked a 16’x7’ bike/gear trailer for the 2012 Road Trip, a best-chip debate started to get nasty, Bruce has a big new unicycle and what appeared to be half a mustache, and it was agreed by all that bacon is goood.  Good times.  JS

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