Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Same place and time.  See you then.

Start wrapping your head around this plan, maaan...Saturday Morning Brunch Ride.  Gather at 9am and we'll cycle to Plum Coulee for some delicious homemade fixins at Annajo's Bistro.  We'll go via Rosetown and head back on the 201.  Let me know if you dig it.  

In addition to the sausage casings, I'll also put in another order for ABES jerseys if anybody missed out on the first round of beautification.


  1. Hey JS I can't make it for the pc ride. We've got a windup for our cx ski club. Maybe I'll catch the next one. Thanks.

  2. What is the price for the jersey? My first one gots a hole in it.

  3. Those are speed holes Dan.
    Your jersey will cost the same as last time. Whatever that was - $65'ish.
    ps - stop falling down.