Wednesday, September 16, 2009

BAC - Riding Mountain

Riding Mountain was a fantastic time! I really miss not being able to go to James' ride in Tinker Creek since it's at the same time, but I am hooked for next year again.

I used Curt's rocket, Jamis Xenith Comp, which has about the finest equipment possible. This ride was from Dauphin to Clear Lake and back, ridden in 2 days, 70 kms each way.

The first day is way more uphill. Drafting was incredible. Especially when I found myself wondering how to deal with the etiquette of a little snot nose that passed me. My first mistake was casually yelling, "Hey, thanks for picking me up". Which was quickly followed by watching his right hand flinch a few times on his shifter. Little bugger, I wasn't going to let him lose me.
After a few minutes, I figured I should be the gentleman and ask him if he needs a break. Big smile he gave me...I looked back a minute later and he was gone. Yeeah!
I played with the shop Fixie on the way back on Sunday. Going downhill fast is not smart...actually stupid comes to mind.

The whole team made it back and forth and as you can see by the picture, all smiles.

In my wisdom (not very much), I will wipe the noses of some more kids next year.

Bruce Penner

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