Monday, May 14, 2012

Thursday Night Ride – Special Wednesday Edition

We will ride on Wednesday this week to accommodate guest bicycle enthusiast/yoga sage/pretty boy - Ryan Leech.  He is in the greater Rocktona area and wanted to do two things after his performances: sleep in a barn (check) and cycle with a gaggle of awkward yokels (double check).  Plans are being made so stay tuned.

Remember alleycat races?  They were fun right?  We should do that again.  Charles is still thinking (clap), David has made promises (ALLYcat), and many have been coasting since I don't know when.  It seems like something should happen soon.  Volunteers appreciated.  Shunning is an option – just look at what’s happening to Pastor near-beer.

Jeff Krahn reports...
I've been asked if any of the ABES would like to volunteer for the Walk/Run to Remember. So far Dan and myself are in, and they were hoping to get at leaset two more of us. It would be a support role where the riders lead/follow the runners. Can check out the info here.  It would be awesome to get at least two more.  Oh yeah, volunteers get free food and a beverage at the end.  The date is May 26 and the race starts at 9am (runners register starting at 8).


  1. WHAT?!?! Calling me out!? I'll not stand for this!

    Okay, I will. But mostly because I was on the cusp of announcing my latest racing creation. Shortly. But keep Thursday May 24th open on your calendar if you're into awesomeness, racing, and super-happy-fun topped with a small sprinkling of excessive goodness. If you're not into those things then you suck and I don't want you there anyways, so stay home.

  2. Is there a plan for Wed night? Are we all going to be on skinny tires and try to loose the small frame fat tire professional rider?

  3. Let Jeff know that I would be interested in helping out with the May 26 Walk/Run to Remember.