Thursday, May 17, 2012

WNR Report

A boatload of us showed up for the ThNRWE - 23 to be exact.  Our second biggest rally ever.  David tells me that Dan’s allecat holds the record at 24.  It must have been the beautiful spring weather that brought so many cyclist out.  That, and we knew Ryan Leech was interested in sipping from the ABES green kool-aid.  In true ABES form he was 15 minutes late.  Bruce gave him his cross bike and we showed him what we do in these parts – cycle around town then go to the clubhouse for giggles.  It was a beautiful sight to see so many cyclists taking part in a ride.  A small part of me was sorry Ryan didn’t do his trials riding - not many people do what he does, but mostly I was glad he was on a road bike spinning and visiting like the rest of us.  It would have felt weird making him work for our amusement – dance, monkey, dance!  I’ll report what everybody says – He’s a really nice guy, full of smiles, stories, warmth, but not punctual.  The reviews from his school shows have been top-notch.

Everybody of age (even Mike) joined us at the clubhouse where we rehydrated and gushed over our guest.  The minutes included: Blue is the McDonald’s of beer, who is the creepy old man on the farthing, DB wants to lay on top of Dennis for Ryans high jump, big drops on road bikes, yoga, yoga, yoga, the prestige of the half marathon, the penny farthing and 52” unicycle fundraiser ride from Rocktona to Stinkler, the popcorn machine only works on Thursdays, Curt’s sweet chops, Bruiser’s garage contents are worth more than his house, BAC bought Ryans bike – Gavin was nominated to ride it, our cycling bibs should be here for Road Ride 2012, Ryan teaching pastor near-beer and DB to bunnyhop, and David was rallying the troops around his time trial / alleycat race next week.  Good times.  JS

Upcoming events:
  • ThNR – I’ll ride if you do – my place at 8:00
  • Mountain bike ride – Saturday is looking rainy – Sunday looks better if the trails are rideable – details TBA
  • Family Bike Club – Sunday at 6:30 – postponed one week.  Next week: scavenger hunt
  • Monday Road Ride –  Dan wants to ride the cement and gravel near Manitou/La Riviere – details TBA


  1. I think this link will get to more pics of last night

  2. Classic Jonny! I love your picture with Ryan!

  3. Thanks Bruce - that one amuses me too. If only I could photoshop out my double chin.

  4. Thanks for inviting me to be along as an honorary ABES rider, you guys have a great thing going all the way down to the blog minutes, great idea! Seeya guys!

  5. About Monday...
    Meet at my place at 8:30 AM I have room for three plus me (or four if you want to sit 3 in the back seat) With the rain, the gravel part is out. It will be all pavement staring in the valley at La Riviere. Three climbs with return East West and South.