Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A flurry of activites to report…

ABES wannabe Ryan Leech is scheduled to audition for club affiliation at the ThNR – Wednesday Edition.  Meet at ABES headquarters Wednesday at 8:00 for the hazing ritual.  The Leechmeister will ride whatever bike he wants - we might be giggling like schoolgirls if he rides his trials bike, visit if he takes a road bike or laugh if he chooses the penny farthing.  The evening is as loose as a goose. 
When things were looking bleak on the local alleycat scene, race coordinator extraordinaire DSwank announced he is planning a race that promises to be super-happy-fun for next Thursday - sweet.
Families and members of the dark side are coming to visit Rocktona.  A ride to the hills of Tinker/Morden this weekend are being planned.

The Family Bike Club takes place on Sunday, 6:30 at the SawKoopsky’s house.
Dan is planning a Victoria Day road ride that will include cement, gravel, hills, burgers and fries.
Ryder Hesjedal became the first Canadian to capture the pink jersey as overall leader of the Giro Italia, the world's second most prestigious annual cycling race after the Tour de France.  Beauty eh.
Will the weather cooperate for all this goodness?  It better or we'll get Bruiser to give it a punch in the throat!  JS

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