Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Free Dark Cross Passes

Back Alley Cycle has two free Dark Cross passes to the first local yokel who post a comment.  Dan has a free pass too so show him some love and it could be yours.  If you like bikes, tunes, beers and good times, Dark Cross is where it's at!  JS


  1. That will NOT be me at dark cross unfortunately!! I'm limited to about 2' of air.

    BTW: Am I local Enough??

    1. I like bikes and tunes and I know someone who's partial to a few beers AND I'm planning to be at Dark Cross.
      A Free Ticket would be icing on the cake :)

      Sandra C. (Athena)

  2. 2 feet of air JP? You da man.

    You are a yokel, but only local'ish. You might be a winner if nobody step up to claim the freebies but I do live in menno country and we are notoriously cheap.

    See all y'all at the Belgian club? JS

  3. Cindy is local and she needs a pass!


  4. "Luke, I am your father. Come over to the Dark Cross, and we will rule the MCA universe."

    I will be at grumpy's tomorrow. Look'n forward to the love.