Saturday, September 22, 2012

ThNR Report

Duke, Dan, Albert, James, Steven, Gavin, Curt, Shaun, Franklin, Ike, and I met for our weekly constitutional.  Once again we had difficulty staying together but miraculously we manage to find each other for the meeting.   Tom and David met us at the clubhouse where minutes included: Dan has his weight bench in the living room, cliques at the Miller staff room, chamber bucks/sand dollars/beer vouchers, Dan and Albert are considered most likely to have the first ABES memorial plaque at the clubhouse, Southern Cross clydesdales, Cindy had broken her fall using her face, the drunk prophet/Schiesse insists he’ll return to the fold, Gavin's flyover picture made some people happy, Craig Doell is the cover boy on a Winnipeg commie rag, cigar burns in new clothes, David Cantstazya, Plum Coulee justice, Wookipeedia exists, Boris bought us a round and promised free pizza next week, Christopher Walken can dance, and Grumpy’s will be offering Friday meat draws to benefit local cycling groups – yaa!  Good times.

Classy guy 
Gavin is focussed and/or freaked at Dark Cross 

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