Friday, September 14, 2012

ThNR Report

Curt, Mike, Steven, Gavin, Shaun, Steve, Paul W, Albert, James, and Duke all know how to read and comprehend.  Dan, Chris and Ben are more in the habit of giving directions than following them and arrived at 8:00 only to be shooed away.  Only Dan returned to join us.  It was odd to start at 9:00 again and my first inclination was to go directly to the clubhouse, but peer pressure dragged me around town a few times first.  David and Paul B joined us at the clubhouse where minutes included: the radness of Kevin Bacon in Quicksilver, Bruce interrupted Gavins grade 1 class to deliver a derailleur (awesome), truck gun-racks and legally drinking and driving, pre-race jitters are affecting everybody - it's the worst part of racing, daddy Dave-care tends the tots during cross lab, memories of playing blackjack with mini-me in Vegas, Gavin offers beers to cops at check-stop in Venezuela, and they accepted, worst restaurant name in Altona history – Suntona, Coors Light Iced-Tea/CLIT, David made soup with 100 cloves of garlic, Steven to work on developing corporate sponsors for Southern Cross, the egg boards inappropriate "retard-egg" cartoon, and Paul B has moved to his lake-back property and enjoys the rock-star parking treatment but is in need of a longer hose.  Good times.  
Sweet Cheryl Koop at Dark Cross 2011
Cross races take place every weekend until October 28.  If you're not racing Dark Cross, you should.  If you insist on not racing, you should come out to see what all the fuss is about.  Let the suffering begin!  JS

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