Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thursday Night Cross Lab and Ride

Steven mowed the course and it's (mostly) good to go.  If you want to give it a sniff, meet at the park at 6:30 and we'll rip it up, rippity-style.

The Thursday Night Ride commences at 9:00.


  1. Johnny,
    A little work with a wheel barrow or two and we'd have the holes filled (i found a few more). I'll get a load of soil on my truck. Any volunteers with wheel barrows,shovels, and rakes want to meet at 6:00?

  2. 6:00 would be tight for me but we'll get the ABES army out soon. Or, you could get the gimp to do it. JS

    1. OK. You play general and round up the troops. When we're ready I'll provide tools and materials. See you at the the lab.