Friday, September 28, 2012

ThNR Report

Bruiser, Gavin, James, Tom, Duke, David, Curt, Chris and I met for a leisurely night ride on the Southern Cross course and then headed to the clubhouse early in hopes of pizza.  There was no pizza.  They did have giggle juice and popcorn so that was good.  Steven joined us and our minutes included: American Ninja Warrior, SC fundraiser DSwat has procured a team signed Bomber football and continues to make headway with local businesses, Tom provided the meat draw report, Steve stunk up my neighbourhood by peeling out on his Harley (nice), the rainbow restaurant offers the LGBLT, beer gardens are good, Miss Evie is intense, Fargo waffles are gross, Altona councilor resigns for being sensible, Southern Cross facebook page / website / registration is up and running, Paul B music can cause depression – what’s slower than a dirge?, Steven crashed into a chain between two poles as he raced to the start of his race in Portage and has an impressive plate-sized bruise/swelling on his leg, SC sausage flipper = honorary mayor, Duke is ready to fulfill the pact, running the gauntlet, using a scissor-lift for the SC race announcer, Lyle appeared after last call and enjoyed a long overdue brew at ABES headquarters (NB - save/donate all your clear beer bottles to Tall Boy breweries), Sandra gave the Krahn Barn concert a glowing review, Franklins mountain-cross race/potluck is postponed, and pastor Ben and Dwight will race at SC then race to a wedding after they clean themselves with moist towelettes.  Good times.

Franz-man shows a lot of old-school love
James gets Sammy to stop clucking
Duker on Steve's hog

Menno Cross takes place tomorrow at CMU.  It's a mighty fine race brought to you by DRR (so you know it will be good) and offers races for everybody whether you have a race license or not.  See you at the bunker.  JS

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