Sunday, September 30, 2012

Menno Cross Report

The Menno Cross course was dialed in better than ever with a lot of flowing grass sections, the flyover, barriers at the food tent and a perfect run-up at the bunker.  The weather was beautiful but the dry heat put a boatload of hurt on the racers including Paul K who blew apart mid-race and looked like he might need CPR while he was being treated for heat exhaustion - I hope you're OK DB.  James was passing racers every lap at the barriers with his dialed in dis/re-mounts, Cheryl had the race of her life finishing second in C, Joanne, Sandra and honorary goddess Anita were all hurting and racing well, Steven had a strong race as his bruise/goiter didn't appear to slow him down, Albert put all the youngin's to shame, Franklin's bike blew apart mid-race, Gavin continues to impress and move up the B-boys ladder (he seems to spend the entire race in his drop-bars - awesome), and I continue to tumble down the standings as quickly as I found myself strewn on the ground being driven over by living legend Bill Algeo.  In the A race, the cricket chirped his way to the top of the podium defending his MC title from 2011.


  1. ahh yes, I do recall passing you and Algeo splayed all over the ground. I naively thought it was my golden opportunity to create an insurmountable gap....which I did, for a while, until my insufficient fitness smacked me down the B ladder, so to speak.

    great showing ABES.


  2. Why is it that when I'm riding I feel like I'm going ridiculously hard but when I see myself in pictures I look like it's a Sunday afternoon ride? Good times anyway , and the Sekini is back in business.