Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday report - Ontario edition

My mom says I'm cool!

I took a long ride today. Started out sniffing some trails at St. Catherines, then decided to see if I could find Niagara Falls. I have a terrible sense of direction and no map so I relied on directions from strangers. The directions ranged from wrong to helpful and I meandered the highways, byways, and trails of Southern Ontario until I found my destination. The thing that amazes me about Niagara Falls is that it's a world wide attraction. The falls themselves keep my attention for about 1 minute, but the amount of people that flock there is amazing. Oh well, not everybody loves bikes either. I ended up putting about 125 km's on the bike and finished the ride with a couple of beers at the Jordan Hotel. Tomorrow we celebrate Christmas. JS


  1. Well, back in the mother land of the ABES, the riders were few but vigilant. Ben, Paul, Charles and your's truly rode the town tonight in what according to the Weather Network was a 26km southeasterly wind and a windchill of minus ten. Sure, it was a little cold and toes felt frozen, but that would not hold us back. Wits were tested as we sprinted north down the Bunge road only to sprint back into the wind. Oh how sweet it was! Tires spun and conversations were had. The stars seemed to align in the eastern portion of the night sky and the moon shone bright through a canvas of deep navy and cloudy gray out in the west. T'was a glorious night for a ride!
    Look forward to hearing all about your trip when you get back Johnny. Keep riding!

  2. Hey Johnny! Sounds like a great ride. Ditto on Jeff's comments. It was a nice to again join the ranks of the ABES. Merry Christmas! CK