Monday, November 2, 2009

Turn, turn, turn

ABES Alleycat Champs:

Halloween alleycat - Lorne and Steve

Who doesnt like Monopoly alleycat - David

Harvest conucopia meddellienjekaut - James and Dan

Oh Canada! alleycat - James

Sign of the times alleycat - Johnny

Star Wars alleycat - Gavin

Hope over fear alleycat - Mark and Giles

7 races, 9 different winners. Awesome times. James managed an extra half-win with Dan. Must be the stache.

It was an awesome race series that will be brought back for spring. The focus will now shift to the other season - winter. The nordic race series is an urban cross theme. Race organizers plan a race route and may or may not throw in any sort of absurdity they wish. Simple race or ridiculous options, single, teams or relay, food and/or beer. As long as there are ABES there will be FUN. The ABES Nordic Cross series runs from November - March. The first race of the series will be November 19 at 7:00. Clear your calendars, find your wool socks and get ready for our first winter of riding, drinking and drinking. Good times. JS