Friday, October 30, 2009

Alley Cat Results

I think the winner picture says it all. It was a crappy night but 6 die-hards took to the street of Altona(Lorne, Steve B., Tom, Bruce, Johnny and Shawn). 1 Team finshed all the clues and came back with a sheet of paper that could be read. There were some lost papers, egg covered hands, lost pens and Tom blew out a tire but had time to go home change and talk to his mom on the phone before heading over to my garage. The garage included copious beers and smoke and visits from Steve's dad, Miron and Steven W. Thanks for coming out, it was a fun night.

Thanks Steve for the beer.

Thanks to the folks who contributed clues.


  1. At-a-boy Lorne and Steve B... It surely was "A Dark and Stormy Night"

  2. Really?!?!

    Sorry I had to miss such a monumental occasion...

  3. It was nice to see the first place team and DFL team share the same honor. The DNF crowd ruled the day. Thanks for all the free beer; it's my favorite. Lorne loved it too (much?). Gavin set up a great race. FYI - the red Jamis in the picture is Gavin's new ride. That will serve him well for many years. Now he needs to fixify his old ride. Thanks again for the swell time. JS