Friday, October 2, 2009

Thursday night ride report

Duke met us at the clubhouse and we toasted the arrival of his son - Leo Vincent John Dyck. Congratulations to Duke and Julia on their new family! The conversations at the clubhouse were oriented on cross, bike and ABES awesomeness. An upcoming ABES cross race is in order to prepare us for Southern Cross; Keep an eye out for details.
My family was excited to welcome another addition as well. A 54 cm, 21 pound, angel. Her name is Opus Spark. She’s a real beaut. Bruce and Curt at BAC helped bring her into this world. Thanks boys. Can't wait to take the pie plate off.

Poster extraordinair Chris Huebner put together the poster that will beckon the world to the sweetest X race going. JS


  1. Sweet Johnny!

    Are you racing her tomorrow?

    And congrats to the Duker & Jules too.

  2. Careful with that thing, Johnny. It only takes a spark, so get a fire going.