Friday, November 15, 2013

ThNR Report

Albert, Curt, Dan, James, Jeff, Duke and I splattered around town.  Tom, Steven and David joined us at the clubhouse where the minutes include: James shared a bag o homemade jerky - delish, Steven is running for school trustee - he has “faith” in smile power to solve school issues but did not offer his view on the recent hot-button issue that everybody is curious about…drainage, a mofo-backho will tear down buildings at Bungee, local barber misspells head shaving, Dan claims that the best non-boozy beer tastes as good as Lucky (for a pastor he did a terrible job of converting anybody), Curt won an arm wrestling match but was sore for 2 months, best new word: up-and-dicular, best new phrase: an optional choice test, poker games every Wednesday at the clubhouse, Dan enjoys his afternoon delights (5318008), Rob Ford eats at home, Cops for Cancer? (that's the worst kind of cop), memories of Mike "Are you kidding me?" Beauregard and the Cobblestone Classic, and next week is ABES pizza night!  JS

Toe clip dirt lines

Timothy Dueck took this sweet series of pictures 
of a gong show moment at MennoCross...

Good times.

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