Friday, November 1, 2013

ThNR Report

Best (only) ABES Halloween Ride ever!  We rode to Tom's for a quick hydration fix then moseyed our way to Pole Vaulters...
The ABES logo beckoned
Paul "Hesjedal" Wolters
Halloween treats started with beers...
an assortment of liquor...and beef jerky!
We concluded the ride at the clubhouse - natch.  Minutes were lost - boo.

Dan claims the L is for Luigi - others were not so sure.
Good times.

Looking back...

More Southern Cross photos from Marc LeBrun can be found here.  Lots of kid pics.

Sean Carney filed his own SX13 report.

Looking forward...

Cyclocross provincial championships take place this Sunday at The Forks.  Cool.  There's an Open Category and all kids can race for free so everybody has a chance to take part  in this historic event.  Not to be missed - watch it or race it y'all!

From the desk of Peter "Country Cycle" Loewen...
Here is an invite to a little "iron cross" event called Country Cross. It will be a 40km+ one lap "ride" involving single track and gravel roads in and around Morden. The ride starts at Colert Beach at 2:00PM on Saturday, November 9th. There are two bike categories: cross and everything else. Please register at this site:  
Right on.

Movember starts today.  Moustache rides to follow.

Looking about...

Cyclocross geeks love these videos.  Give them a sniff.  

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