Friday, November 8, 2013

ThNR Report

Franklin, Steve, Dan G, Curt, David, James, DB, Albert, Mike and I rode to Co-op for batteries and chips, then around town and country stopping at stop signs because that’s what we do.  Steve rode more that night than he has all year – back on the horse Steve.  Duke and Tom met us at the clubhouse where minutes included: ABETINA bike club (don’t get me started – or do), cross season is over = bitter-sweet, Franklin wants to poster-bomb Altona and Dan doesn’t know anything about it, details about the Wiebe/Farm-Cross were missing – deferred to our next meeting, I sleepily shaved off my stache, new ABES jersey designs competition (Zubaz pants and a leather vest), skin suits, cross season should run every three weeks over 7 months,  the new stadium in Toronto, Shaun to download a cop scanner app., David and Mike were sporting horseshoe (YMCA) staches, people think Saskatchewan is flat!?, the stresses of writing report cards (an exercise in creative writing), Iron/Country Cross is this Saturday, svenness videos, DB is a chubby chaser, and my A Race hero is fat and fast. 

Good times.

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