Friday, November 29, 2013

ThNR Report

Franklin, David, James, Steven and I cycled down buffalo creek.  The ice made Franklin a nervous Nelly and I got a stupid pinch flat riding over some rocks.  It was a lovely stroll back to town and Sandra offered shots of rum as I replaced my tube in the Doell garage.  We made it back to the clubhouse to find Tom, Duke, Paul B and Lorne.  Minutes include: Country Cycle AND SKI, The Unger Games, pastafarins, “wax my ski”, Franklin thought the popcorn was totally boss, we raised a glass to Dave H, Sunday shopping in Altona, Roadside Foods has Churchill prices, Paul provided a glowing review of the play starring ABES cast members, Franklin won the fastest beard contest, the town of Morris is racist (just like every other town), Altona pizza prices are ridiculous, the video that never happened, Rachel Huebner is a saint, the man who couldn’t yell, Lorne called the cops on his own bachelor party, and serenity now!

Happy belated birthday!
Huge tracks of land
Good times.

Let me know if you're interested in cycling to St. Jean on the creek - Saturday at 2 pm'ish.  JS

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